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Portrait Of The Artist – Teaser Trailer

Portrait Of The Artist (POTA) is an animated documentary film set in virtual reality. Based on the work of Belfast based painter, Colin Davidson, the piece is composed of two sections; an indirect interview and an interactive explorable gallery.

This is the teaser trailer for our project Portrait of the artist. Im so glad to be able to show this is people and get them thinking about the project and making them wanting to experience it first hand.

My family and friends are absolutely buzzing to see more and finally understand why ive been coming home so grumpy with all this hard work its amazing to see the results. Mary emailed Colin Davidson himself to show him what we have bee up to as it was all very vague back when we explained what exactly we planned to do with this interview.

Colin replied and was really amazed and he will even be at the end of year show how cool is that. Im really excited to see whats going to happen when he goes through this experience and what he thinks of it all.

The end of year show is going to provide us with so much user experience testing which is going to prove to be so helpful for those of us looking to pursue a career in Virtual Reality. I honestly cant wait we are so nearly closing in on hand in and this show is going to be amazing.

I hope you enjoy the trailer and will end up as buzzing about all of this as I am it truly was magnificent project and I couldn’t be happier to have been a part of it.


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