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High Quality Videos – Presentation of Making Of Trailer & Trailer Videos

Challenge To Obtain High Quality Videos

As I had been freed up from making the build I assisted with helping out as best I could were ever the project needed it. This was one of the challenges that Mary had for me and it was to figure out how to get the highest quality videos so that whenever this is blown up on the big screen it wont look pixelated and low res.

Yesterday we were looking into gathering more content for the trailer and making off videos as some of the original content that was gathered was not to the highest quality. Mary called me in and we had a conversation about what was going on with the quality everything was being recorded using quicktime on my mac and I troubleshooted various issues to try and figure out why this was.

Some of the things I tried involved putting the sequences such as The Seamus Heany sequence into another fresh scene and to see if maybe less going on would cause the quality to be better. This was tried as when Mary had got better quality recordings there was very little in the scene at the time. Unfortunately this did not work for us this time so we had to move on and try something else.

Recording from the PC was tried but this quality was even worse again so there was no point even trying to pass on these videos. We then thought what if it was something to do with the screen resolution that these videos were being recorded at as that was the only difference that had not been tested between the way Mary had done it and the way I recorded it.

Solution To Issue

I then moved the entire project on to the computer Mary was using and tested a recording and it was so much better so I set up all the different camera angles that had been requested. The recordings were then made with all of these different assets in view and I passed the videos on to Mary to be included in the videos.

Presentation Of Work (Link)

Striving to get such high quality of videos will be very beneficial to our project as at the end of year show this video is going to be shown on the big screen. As well as in the studio we are going to be playing these videos and we want them to look the best that they can. We have to think about how our work is going to look to others and the situation they will be viewing this content in. It was completely worth taking the time to go and figure out how to make these videos look so much better.


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