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Prints & Creating The Build Experience Videos


Today Fiona came into class with some amazing test prints we were aware that the they did not have the correct test or anything on them but they were purely to test the quality of the prints. The images were looking good but they were a little dull and the paper was too thin but this is something we had suspected so Fiona went to cathedral graphics to get some advice.

We now know that we can get much higher quality prints on thicker satin paper that will not bend or crease. We are hoping to get the prints done when the content is done and we think they are ready.

Celebrity Heads Issue

This morning when playing through the build I noticed an issue with the celebrity heads appearing slightly before they should have. We originally thought that this was due to an alpha script issue but we edited this and there was no change.

In order to fix this issue we had to edit the textures. Fiona was able to do this and I updated any changes that has been made in Unity and remade the build. After testing this build we evaluated that this was good enough to be our final build and that the celebrity heads are now fixed. Even though we say final build if there is any other changes or functionality we will add it and re make the build again.

Build Experience Videos

In order to prepare for the hand in we wanted to have some build experience videos to show how the experience looks through the Oculus even though in a video it will not be immersive virtual reality it will give an idea or a taster of what the experience is like.

To capture the build experience videos I screen recorded what was going on in the screen while I used my phone to record my movements as I was using the Oculus. The videos have now been combined Premiere overlaying the recordings off myself in the corner.




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