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Debugging The Final Build & Final Build Video

Debugging The Final Build

Today I have been testing the final build and trying to deliberately break the build. This process is known as debugging and I will constantly go through the experience sourcing and fixing problems as they occur.

I encountered some of the following issues such as the audio triggers in the explorable not working anymore which were meant to fade out the audio when the user left the trigger. This happened because unlike a normal game object were you apply the changes to the prefab you do not do this with a trigger as they will all take on the same settings. Basically I had overwritten all of the triggers therefore I needed to go through and re do all of these.

The arch way in the explorable appeared to be floating so I lowered it a little to take the bad look of it as when I went back to Unity to check it,  it was not higher than it should have been. I then noticed that the articles needed moved as they were no longer seen in all of the scene.

Colliders at beginnings and themes were too large and the user could get stuck. This was due to the same issues as the triggers. I accidentally hit apply on one of the colliders and they all took on the same transforms which is not the result I wanted. The colliders and triggers must have unique values depending on the size of the area they are covering. To fix this I went through and re sized the colliders.

On the sketches panel the audio trigger needed extended as when you went to read the sketches panel the audio stopped. This was not the kind of behaviour we intended so it would make the experience that little bit better if we corrected the trigger.

When I was creating the new build I turned off the option to have a setup when opening the executable we just want the build to play and this now happens.

Each time this happened I needed to fix these issues one by one and then re create the build. Most of the time when I was debugging the build I was screen recording and this needed redone various times also. As going through the experience is such a long experience I record it just in case I may get a good recording I can use.

We now have a fully functional build with screen recordings of the entire experience done using the Oculus and not using the Oculus to get a more steady recording. The project and the build has been backed up several times and we are now pretty prepared on this side of things for Friday.

Build Video

Non Oculus Interview Video (Explorable would be in effective as the movement of looking in the Oculus rotates the participant)


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