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Class Rep Meetings – Testing The Build

This morning involved a class rep meeting in which I was representing final year as unfortunately Niall was unable to attend. Yesterday I spent a chunk of time going around all of the class members that were there and spoke to them about what they thought of this semester all thoughts good and bad. The informal discussions led to me documenting all of the feedback I received for me to relay back to the lecturers.

The meeting took quite a bit of time and we went through all the feedback and thoughts from all of the years. The feedback was discussed and we already can see how things have got better from last semester.

I typed out the feedback and made sure to send if of to the lecturers so that they can make further use from it. I found that collaborating like this was very useful and we were able to share information and reflection between the different year groups to try and make the best  of the course.

There is also a meeting arranged for the QFT planning group tomorrow to figure out what is going on there as it feels a little disbanded. I have been helping out with this when and were I can and kind of going between the groups helping with the End Of Year show and funding.

This afternoon I hope to test the build and find out if we have our final build or if there are any more changes we should make. So far I have noticed that all of the audio triggers are malfunctioning and the audio fade out is no longer happening but this is something I have now fixed and will continue to fix anymore issues that arise along the way.

Feature image sourced from – 11/05/16


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