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Xbox Controller – Logic Issue

Xbox Controller Issue

The Issue – Once the explorable has been played and returns to the intro menu if you replay the explorable scene the controller will not work.

Basically today when we came in we went through the entire experience together and everything seemed to be working fine however when it came to Fiona then trying the experience after Mary had just tried it when we went to the explorable section the controller decided to no longer work. The keyboard still works so we are not completely at a loss but this it not the ideal way that we wanted the experience to work. However this does get me thinking why does the keyboard continue to work but the controller does not.

I have spent the day troubleshooting this problem trying to discover the cause when Unity is not seeing any problem or reporting any issues for me to troubleshoot. As there are no errors this is making it particularly difficult for me to pinpoint the problem and Im struggling to work out how I will solve this one.


What doesn’t make sense to me is the fact that the controller works at all and then suddenly stops when the scene is run again so I am suspecting that this is maybe an issue between the controller and an adventure creator scene change which is then perhaps causing the controller scripts not to be run the second therefore possibly stopping the controller from working.

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Within a Unity scene there is a game engine and persistent engine I checked both of these between the explorable running the first time with the controller working and the explorable running the second time with the controller not working. (Everything matched but the controller still didn’t work) It is incredibly frustrating that everything seems to be the same when the scene is in working order as it is when the controller is not in working order so I’m having serious doubts about what to do next and wondering how do I approach this.

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I then moved on the making the OVRPlayerController an adventure creator player to see if this would make a difference and this still did not work. I then tried using an engine : Manage systems action on the on start cutscene when the game goes back to the intro screen and enabled movement on this action but this still did not change anything.


When I was setting up the controller and obtained the correct controller all I needed to do was install the drivers, adjust the input within the project settings of unity so that I could map in the meaning of each of the keys and analogues on the controller and then I plugged the controller in and it worked in Unity. So as I do not 100% know how the controller is working I do not understand how to fix it when it is not working.


The input within the project settings is never edited after I set it up so I do not understand why it suddenly stops working when it is the same within in the scene the first time you run it as it is the second time you run it.

I then thought I almost had it and decided to change the logic of having the scene go back to the intro screen and edited the action engine : change scene to be the action engine: game_restart game (as the game starts at the intro screen anyway) I thought that restarting the game would completely refresh the scene and that the controller would work but the controller still stopped working after the first play.


As an alternative I went on to use variables and have a variable called RunInterviewExplorable to add +1 to the count every time I scene was played i.e the interview and the gallery. When the count reaches two I would then have the game quit so that the participant would never experience the controller not working however the issue with this is the participant would then have to restart the experience by double clicking on the executable on the desktop again and this is less than ideal.


Individual Interviews For Making Of Video

Today Mary also called us out one at a time to do some recording for the Making Of Video and when I went in she asked me a series of questions to try and obtain the following information.

Depth Kit –  What is the depth kit and how does it function, What does it do?

Personal Experience – What did you think about the experience? What have the challenges been?

What I have learned – From the experience, Working in the team even about yourself?

Not programmers – The challenges around this and how we beat it

Production Pipeline – A little about it and how it has worked?

Adventure Creator Plugin – What it is and what is does?

Roles of Each Team Member – What did everyone do? What are everyones skills? How are we a great combination?

  • Individual interviews asked about depth kit, personal experience, what I learned, Adventure creator none of us are programmers, production pipeline and the roles of each team member. (Was told I was a natural)


I felt like the interview went really well and it felt more like a casual conversation with Mary rather than being recorded which was especially great. Mary had a series of questions for me and I tried my best to answer them and beyond so that we could get everything we needed and more.

I actually found that I enjoyed myself during this process and it was great to be able to inform as much as I could. A combination of all of the recordings should capture everything done with the project and the processes involved and if we need anything else along the way we can re record to get this information.


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