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Recording The Making Off & Further User Experience Testing

Recording The Making Off

Yesterday Rachel Hynds kindly recorded the making off video for our project. A plan was made about all the content we would need to gather as well as the settings we would need to be in to get good recordings of every process we have went through during the course of production.

We were recorded while we were brainstorming, working in maya, working in Unity, Using the depth kit and the visualise and capture apps that come hand in hand with the depth kit. Also testing with the Oculus making changes and giving each other peer feedback of what the experience feels like as we were making live changes.

User Experience Testing

User experience testing was also recorded and Lauren and Andrew kindly assisted us with trying our experience from start until finish while they were being recorded. At the end of each user experience they were then asked what they thought about the experience and gave us feedback and their general thoughts.

What was especially great about user experience feedback that was recorded was we were able to see peoples first hand reactions to the experience rather than just noting down what they said. Sometimes great feedback is found in the reaction of others and this is something we are really starting to find out.


Interviews are the next stage of this process and we will be required to say some things about the process and the project and what makes it special. I believe that I am to mention the fact that none of us are programmers and yet we are using Adventure Creator to make this possible.



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