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Progression – Making Improvements To The Experience

Ease Out Of Audio Triggers

In the explorable gallery section of the experience we have a series of audio triggers on each section of the gallery. It was suggested through feedback that these audio triggers may allow for the audio to fade out as the participant exits the trigger.

Exploring if this was possible we experimented to see if we could animate an audio source and we can animate the volume property of the audio source and keyframe the volume from 1 to 0 to cause a fade. This is very similar to the way the spotlights fade in this scene also.

Originally the fades were set to 4 seconds but when exploring the gallery as the sketches, portraits and silent testimony triggers are so close together a 4 second fade was too long when moving from one to the next so these were then decreased to 2 seconds and then 1 second. (The triggers in question are the top three larger triggers visible in the screenshot below.)

We had thought about moving the triggers but if they are any further away from the walls then if the participant gets to close to the paintings the audio will stop and we do not want that behaviour.

Now that this has been tested we have an ease out of audio on all of the triggers with some being 2 seconds and others being 1 second fades. This stops a sudden cut in the audio and works much better within the experience.


Celebrity Heads Positioning

Within the interview sequence the position of the celebrity heads needs to be adjusted so that they are as impactful as they can be to the participant using the experience. The brad head is the one directly in front of the user and needs to be moved closer to the participant.

Glen and Angie are the heads to either side of the participant need to be rotated to look more at the participant they also need to be moved closer to brad so that they will immediately be within the users peripheral vision. Even if the heads are slightly within the peripheral this will indicate to the user that there is more to see and encourage them to look around the scene at this time.

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 20.56.19.png

Strange Light On Colin’s Face

There has been a strange light clipping Colin’s forehead during the course of the interview sequence and after some exploration it has been discovered that this is being caused by a spotlight level with Colin’s forehead so this light has now been moved and we are no longer getting the strange light appearing over Colin’s face.

In the image below you can see the light effect that has been happening and now that the light has been moved this is no longer happening. Although this is a small change it has made a massive improvement on the visual of this interview sequence.

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 20.52.43.png


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