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Xbox Controller Integration –

Xbox  360 Controller Integration

Okay so this ended up being a much larger task than originally anticipated but the results are extremely rewarding so we can officially say that it was worth it. After spending a day on this it all makes sense now and we have a working xbox 360 controller on our gallery experience.

The first basic step was to plug in the controller install the drivers and make sure that the computer was picking up the device which is was so this gave me the green light to proceed into Unity.

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Within our experience there are 3 movement types that is already pretty confusing we have Unity’s own movement system, The OVRPlayerController that is the camera the participant is controlling and finally we have Adventure Creator which also allows us to control movement.

The first plan of attack is to disable the adventure creator movement system in case this causes a conflict so the movement method in AC is now set to none. In the image below you can see the interface settings that we have in place for adventure creator.


Tutorial In Use –

During this tutorial I was guided through steps of editing the input manager in Unity which is found with the project settings. Each of the Axes was edited exactly the same as the tutorial and this did not work I even tried resetting the whole input manager and trying this again using different settings from different tutorials and still had not luck at all.


I then moved on to try Disabling OVRPlayerController movement this did not work either there was the option to use the FirstPersonController prefab which I thought maybe this might work but this also did not. At this stage if anything I had only managed to disabled the mouse and keyboard movement but we still did not have use of the controller.

Test Project/Scene –

This got me to thinking was there maybe a problem with our scene or the setup of our project so I then downloaded a test project used to test an xbox controller in Unity and what would you know I got an error stating that there was no controller connected.

Test project with XboxCtrlInput – Error No controller connected, This made no sense as the device manager was seeing the controller and the green light on the controller also indicated that it was getting power so that was not the problem either.


Test project available in a package from  –


When in the device manager we are able to install new drivers available from the machine and I checked which ones we were using and it stated that we were using drivers for a wireless controller so I changed these drivers to be for a wired controller restarted the computer and tested the controller again.. still nothing.

By this stage we even thought as the controller had the wire attached but also the batteries in was it maybe trying to use bluetooth to search instead of using the wire that was also attached so we removed the batteries and only used the wire for the controller and we still had no luck but that was another attempt scratched off.

Decision Against Wireless Controller

The reason why have opted not to use a wireless controller is that we only have one bluetooth dongle available to us at the headphones are going to be using this so we can’t have the controller trying to either.

Incompatibility Of Controller

It seems that the controller we have is only using the wire that can plug into it as a power lead and not for connectivity this is why I had originally suggested a wired controller but we had thought that the wired plugging into the controller would essentially make it connect as wired we were wrong.

By this stage in the day it was pretty evident that the controller was just not going to work so we went and look into alternatives and people online were suggesting using the wired controller specifically for PC windows. This may seem like an obvious suggestion and we did not try it before as other people had managed to get standard xbox 360 controllers working with PC and we wanted to try with what we had first.

Wired Windows PC Controller

In the evening it was decided that we would just buy one of these controllers but we had also put it on the Facebook group to borrow one just in case by chance someone may have had access to one. I journeyed to Game and asked around and got this controller which we going to divide the cost of and wouldn’t you know as I returned we got a response on Facebook and had sourced one from Sorcha so we can return this one today!

Photo 05-05-2016, 11 41 30


Sorcha left us the controller last night and first thing today I came in and tried it out and as the drivers are already installed from yesterday I was able to skip this step and just plugged in the computer and played the explorable section of our experience and it just worked.

Lesson has been successfully learnt do not try and make wireless peripherals wired with a power cable! In the photograph below you can see are little messy wired set up but it all works and the experience feels a million times better not have to search for a keyboard or a mouse when using the Oculus.

I also felt that as we have the right hand analogue to control our rotational view if we need to turned more than is comfortable to turning our body then we can just use the controller to aid this movement.

Photo 05-05-2016, 09 40 22

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