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This week we have been going through and working up the experience with a fine tooth comb. We are going to be using a new doom list in order to edit the project and put in the finishing touches and constantly improve based on user experience feedback.

Looping The Menu Audio

One of the things that we noticed was wrong during last weeks presentation is that the audio at the menu did not loop as much is this was a minor detail it has a massive impact so it was rather annoying that we forgot to put this in place.

In order to loop the audio all we had to do was check the loop box on in the audio source inspector and the audio on the menu will then continuously loop as we had hoped and will work in the next build. In the image below you can see on the right hand side the audio source and loop now working.


Audio Triggers For Explorable Audio 

During the explorable we have the gallery divided into sections and we want the participant to be able to enter certain areas and for a selection of audio to then play. However the issue we have been having with this is we want the audio to play when the participant enters the trigger but we then want the audio to stop when the participant exits the trigger area.

There are three types of triggers on enter,  continuous and on exit. So far I have been using on enter but then the question remains of how do I then stop the audio when I leave the trigger area.

All of the triggers are now in place but are currently not behaving in the way I want them to. I decided to embark on some research that I have documented on a previous post in order to find out what type of trigger I should use and the research indicated that I should be using continuous which makes sense as I suppose the audio would play continuously when I am inside the trigger and then stop when I am not.

However when I put this into practice it did not work as expected and the audio continued to play even when I left the trigger.


Audio Trigger Solution

In order to fix the issue I have had to edit the triggers behaviour to use a continuous trigger to recognise any object tagged with PlayerController (The OVRPlayerController cam that the participant is controlling) to play the audio with a custom enable action turning on a gameobject with the audio. This is the same behaviour as on enter but the adventure creator manual stated was more reliable so I have opted to use this one.

I have then put in place another trigger using on exit within the original trigger to recognise any object tagged with PlayerController leaving the trigger to then disable the game object containing the audio source.

Basically the method of programming that is now in place is component (trigger, continuous, action enable gameobject, trigger on exit, action disable gameobject) Both of the game objects mentioned are the gameobjects that have an audio source with the audio linked on to them.

All of the triggers are now in working order and behaving as they should they switch on audio when the participant enters the trigger they then switch it off again when the participant exits the trigger. When the participant leaves the audio stops were it is and restarts again on entry we checked this as we do no want the audio to pick up were it left of as this could be confusing if done with many audio sources and could also be annoying if the player accidentally leaves the trigger area.

I have been given some feedback on this to try and fade the audio out instead of it just stopping where it is but I will address this and see if this is functionally possible when other priorities have been checked of the list.


Disabling Mouse Control 

During the presentation I accidentally hit the mouse and this rotated the camera inside the Oculus and I ended up facing the totally wrong direction. We do not want this happening when a participant is using the experience so I wanted to figure out how to eradicate this problem.

I thought the the mouse control would be able to be internally turned off on the OVRPlayerController but this was not possible I was able to turn off the rotation of the Oculus but not the mouse. In order to do this I had to edit the OVRPlayerController script and change line 91 skipmouserotation from false to true.

This then means that the OVRPlayerController will ignore all mouse rotational movement and the problem of knocking yourself off orientation will no longer happen when going through the experience.

Solution sourced from research posted on previous post

Kennedy. N (2016) Functionality Improvement Research .Website


Evaluation Of Feedback/Creation Of New Doomlist 

After receiving our user experience feedback we decided to go through the google doc of the feedback and create our new doom list based on what the users thought about the experience we also added any known issues/things to address that we had on to this list.

In order to make this experience as user friendly as possible we really need to take on board what the users are saying. In the picture below you can see our doomlist and this shows our plan of attack for our last two weeks on uni.

We have broken down the project into sections the interview, explorable, making off video, 30 second trailer, display panels and our personal panels. Tasks have then been prioritised for each of the sections and we are using a timeline with post its for the interview section to further break it down.




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