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Presentation Build & User Experience Feedback

Presentation Build

We have prepared and made a build for our last class and chance to get feedback from our lecturers and classmates at once.

We aim to present the experience with myself working through the experience whilst showing everyone what I am seeing on a projector.

As the virtual reality experience is not given its full glory on a projector we would like as many people as possible to try out our experience through the Oculus and to tell us what they think of the experience as well as providing us with as many suggestions as possible.

Overall Response

Generally we got a really good response from the audience but Conann felt like everyone should try the experience through the Oculus before telling us what they thought of it which was a little chaotic we must admit but was incredibly beneficial to our project.

We are going to carry out more user experience tests next week and let individuals go through the experience with full sound on headphones as during presentation day the room was a little loud and people did not have time to watch the full thing.

In order to let users feel the true experience we want to give some users a chance to go through the experience start to finish in a more relaxed environment so we can get a lot more feedback as virtual reality is all about user experience.

The people using the experience are the ones helping to make this project better so we want to continue to do that and find out what people want from the experience.

Classmate Feedback

Information sourced from google doc created by Fiona – 02/05/16

Bobby 1st The idea itself is cool, then the visual overtakes the idea and that’s so cool. It was immersive and felt in the world. Follow the paint strokes. Big and Epic. “Everything is the story” – as in, every element of the scene backs up the content of the interview in a really effective way.
Sam 2nd Nice ambience, it’s calm and soothing. Never used VR before. The moving particles creates dimension. Felt like the cloud particles could be kept throughout the whole experience. Sensory experience and would have like to try it with the sound.
Aodhan 1st Seamus Heaney Sequence is cool. Felt like there could be more visuals.
Peter 1st Class! Loved it! Visually amazing. Felt that there was a slight jitter in the Seamus Heaney Seq.
Rachel Hynds 1st Particles are really nice. Paintings are cool, but slightly distracting which she felt was not in a bad way.
Matt Boyd 2nd Projector does not do the experience justice. Particles were good but felt there was something missing and there could be soething more to the squares
Rebecca ? Out of the class room and into another world. Blown away out how we made it! Felt that the sound would have been a big help to the experience.
Michael 1st Felt the musical ambience could have more of a build up to it, more orchestral. Have the sound be in sync with the actions that are happening. The is more opportunity in the Seamus Heaney sequenec to use the space that is above. Felt that there could be a grander build up in the end rather than the multiple small scenes.
Paul 2nd That shit’s insane! Felt that you would get a better sense of what you are looking at with headphones on.
Megan 2nd Felt a part form my body. In silence feel guts lift up (during the scene with the cloud particle. Felt as thought the brush stroke could make more us of the sky in the Seamus Heaney squence. Particles were really abstract in a positive way and dreamy. Clearly see the passion Colin Davidson has for his work.
Toni FULL Experienced slight loss of balance, though could have been to do with not being in the right position. Felt grounded in the experience after finding balance. Thought the pacing and animation was good and “just nice”. Really liked the colours of the brushstrokes, but felt that there could be more variety in them. Felt like the duration of particles was too long by only a few seconds, but perhaps that was due to a lack of sound.
Maelys 1st First time using VR, did not feel dizzy. Pretty Cool. Had contacts in so couldnt focus on details. Felt gret looking around at all the stuff happening. Was conscious of the cable and didnt want to move to much incase she would cause damage. Felt like there could be more paint strokes. Loved the Seamus Heaney Sequence. Would have been better with headphones.
Ceelie 2nd First time using VR. Taken aback when the floor was gone (in a good way), a particle went through where her body should be and she said she felt warm and fuzzy. It was really nice and felt awesome.

Participant experiences


I felt like final presentation day was so useful to us and it was great to see all of the major projects and how amazing they already are never mind how truly awesome they will be in time for the end of year show. The day was pretty mad and we all got our pictures taken in the afternoon as a class,  in teams and individually so its starting to really sink in that we are nearing the end.

Even though final presentation day is our last class available to us to get feedback it is not our last chance as our classmates and lecturers will still be around until we finish so there is opportunity to continue to push the project and keep moving it forwards.


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