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Pulling The Project Together (Week Twelve) – Planning & Progress

Today we met as a team to go over the project as a whole and to learn from the feedback we had got from our user experience research on Friday.  Usually we make a doom list and this week we used the interview sequence in order to do this.

A great idea was suggested this morning of why don’t we watch the sequence from start until finish and all write individual feedback on the sequence and put it all up on post its.

During the week I had asked if I could get help from the ladies to go over the interview sequence as the way I had put it was “I can’t seem to see anything wrong with it now so that must mean someone else needs to look at it”.

We have broken each section of the interview sequence  down to make tasks easier to manage and so that we wouldn’t miss anything and we came up with the following. We also looked at the explorable scene and talked about what would need to be done to pull this together as well.

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Interview Scene :

General –

  • Remove skybox textures
  • Issues with the fade in box being slightly visible
  • Colin could do with a shadow
  • The position of Colin should be more to the side and closer
  • There is an issue with Colin’s feet being seen on the platform after he has faded.
  • Experiment with different shapes for the platform
  • Add the new paint stroke animations

Menu –

  • Remove the floor platform
  • The issue with hotspots being hard to click needs addressed
  • Remove the blue cursor on the screen
  • Transparent textures need to be imported
  • The paint stroke highlight should be experimented with (Like a rollover image type logic)

Intro –

  • Remove the atmospheric clouds from this early on
  • The spotlight that fades larger should be included at this point instead of a normal fade.

Seamus Heany Sequence –

  • The composition of the assets needs to be looked into
  • Alpha script needs edited
  • The turf sound playing is too loud

Celebrity Heads Sequence –

  • The heads need to be larger and to either side of the particpant
  • The fade box needs to not fade one head and leave the others on screen so adapting the fade box to be an alternative shape with curves on each side could work to fade all at once when the interview sequence needs to change.
  • Increase the fade out to start earlier when the sound goes quieter.

Quiet Particle Sequence –

  • Trigger the atmospheric clouds here
  • Have no floor
  • Audio needs to build up here
  • The spotlight is having a delay here

Frames –

  • The atmospheric clouds need to fade out with the frames

End –

  • The spotlight that changes size needs to be triggered at this point
  • The fade is happening a little too late
  • We could try what it feels like to be closer to colin at this point

Explorable Scene :

  • Merge Mary’s explorable scene into the master project and incorporate the logic I have done into this scene
  • Add a general audio track to play throughout this scene
  • Add the dust spec particles being used in the interview sequence to this scene and edit based on the surface area of the set, Test with Oculus to ensure it can cope with a higher emission rate.
  • Audio triggers need to be included to each section of the gallery and include a cutscene per trigger as well as having each of the triggers enabled in a cutscene. Check if the triggers can use cutscenes or actionlists or both.
  • Colliders will need to be added to the floor and walls
  • Colliders will also be needed for the paintings to stop the user going through them when browsing up close in the Oculus.


I think we made some excellent progress today and I was able to get about half way through the fixes we had talked about for the interview sequence. The interview sequence now has not starry skybox, particles are enabled at the right time, fades and spotlight fade have been changed. Issues have been fixed and animations have been edited and assets repositioned. Many more tweaks were made through the course of the day and were recorded in my notebook this is just a brief insight.

I then moved on to integrate the explorable sequence into the master project and get this up and running which it now is.

The explorable now has the new particles which have been edited for the size of the scene and the Oculus was able to cope with me increasing the emission from 200 to 3000 without crashing. I have also added audio triggers that are in order to be setup tomorrow morning.


I found the way we planned and prepared for the week today was really helpful and that we made really good progress today. The user experience research from Friday was so helpful as we were able to think about everything everyone said or done when they used the Oculus to view the experience and this in turn influenced a lot of the decisions we made today with what to address and how to approach it to make the experience more user friendly.



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