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Interview Sequence – Tweaks

Since we have made the build we have been able to go through the experience and find more tweaks that we can make to constantly improve what we have. It works functionally but now we need to insure it works in terms of timing and appearance as well as taking into account user experience.

We were able to address some of the following issues with the atmospheric clouds being apparent all the time when they did not need to be. The spotlight fades were not working and now are they are supposed to fade in and out in time with the box fade in and out.

The fade in and out of the Colin sequences are now working instead of Colin appearing to snap in and out of the scene. The newest frame painting textures have been added into the scene and play with scripts.

We have also been playing about with the audio level that is contained within a build and if this is any different from what we get in the Unity runtime editor which it is not and remains at the same level as before.


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