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Week Eleven – Tutorials

This week classes will all occur on Monday instead of on Monday and Thursday which gives us more time on Thursday to work on our projects. Today class is running on the basis that we are all having one on one tutorials with Conann, Yuan and Alec.

This afternoon instead of Greg taking class Conann is going to go around and find out the planning status of each group and what has been done to advance this further.

These tutorials help us to see where we are at and what we need to do to progress to the best of our ability. I find these one on ones very helpful and can’t wait to get further instruction about the direction I am heading in.

One On One Feedback – 

I had my one to one tutorial with Yuan and basically it came down to the following I need to create a checklist from the marking criteria and make sure I am meeting the categories. Yuan went through each one and what is expected. We discussed the progress of the major project and where we are at with that and what the plan is next.

It was also recommended that I divide my blog based on the two modules as at present it is difficult to see what is major project and what is design presentation and reporting. Finally Yuan suggested that we rehearse the presentation and that we are super ready for next Thursday in order to wow the class and lecturers with our project.

Reflection –  

After having my one on one tutorial session I feel like I am on the right track and know what I need to do. I would have liked to have been able to go through my blog more with a fine tooth comb to know if I am on the right track because I am not sure if the detail and depth of the blog post content I am providing is enough or correct. Last time I was advised to change a few things by a different tutorial lecturer and I want to know if I have been successful.



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