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Planning – Week Eleven

Planning (List Of Doom) –

On Friday we were all chipping away at our tasks when we decided to get back together to have a look at the list. We have categories for each task that we have decided to keep and rubbed out everything we have done as most of the tasks are just more advanced versions of them that we are working on getting things looking or functioning 100%.

As far as we can see heres a mini break down of what we are working on the menu is in working order using buttons however these buttons need to be designed currently they are using placeholders.

The explorable requires a lot of typography work in order to inform the user further.  Audio triggers will also need to be part of the explorable to act as an informative guide. Light will also be investigated to see what we can do with this perhaps a brightening of a spot light when the user increases proximity to the painting.

The Interview sequence is proving to be quite a challenge to time but I believe now that I have the majority of the obstacles that were in our way and we can now proceed with timing instead of all the issues before timing can take place efficiently.

The animations still need a little bit of work here and there and require edits to the FBX and the alpha channel script. The interview sequence seems to be the bulk of our problems right now but during the week we are going to sit together so that I know exactly when things are going to happen and how they should happen.

Sound – 

Sound for the entire experience is something is being worked on and hopefully over the course of the week this will become a more vital part of the project that is being experimented with. We also have a variety of general tasks that will need to be approached and other things that we will need to prepare for the final finish of the experience but for now we are focused on just finishing the project, polish later. In the bottom right corner we also have a weekly goal break down.

Presentations are also something we have been thinking about and we tend to build and build on presentations that we have already made as we think it is useful to know what we last showed about the status of the project so that we can show a far greater advancement since then.

Most importantly we have a vital task to work on which is don’t get sick were gonna try not fall ill but life happens and degree’s don’t happen in perfect bubbles so it will be alright we will have an awesome project no matter what.

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