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Timing & Tweaking..

Today has involved a lot of timing and tweaking things as well as figuring things out in the process it seems to be as I go along I am encountering problems and addressing them in the process of trying to time the interview sequences.

Splitting the Actionlists – 

The first plan of action was to split the actionlists into all different ones so that they may be manageable. I did this and now have four actionlists instead of over 100 actions within the same actionlist.

Organisation is better today so I am able to time the interview experience scene in sections but this still does not solve the issues of why fields/gameobjects that have been plugged into the actionlist are being dropped every time I close the scene or project and open it again.

Paint Stroke Issues (Triggering Animation Issues) – 

Currently I am having issues with the paint strokes so far Im able to enable/disable them but when I press play the object:animate action drops the Animator of the selected game object so I cannot trigger a particular animation clip from the state machine of this object.

A way around this is having a state machine for each object and having the animation clip I need as the default state and then when the object is enabled in play mode the paint stroke will play with its default animation clip automatically.

Usually the way this would work is a state machine also known as an animator controller would have a variety of animation clips and the object animation action would allow me to plug in the gameobject (which has the animator controller plugged into it) Then I could name the animation clip I want to trigger and it would play. Currently the actionlist is forgetting what I am plugging into the object: animate action so I will have to investigate this further.

Actionlists Forgetting Fields – 

Okay so it is apparent that these issues are not going to go away by itself and I need to figure out a way around this so far I have been plugging the objects back into the fields each time I open the project but there are now so many objects this is taking too much time away from the timing process.

I have decided to try and solve this issues by using cutscenes instead of actionlists. The reason why actionlists are primarily opted for is because they are project wide and can be called by any scene within the project therefore they can be shared.

A cutscene is scene independent and can only be called by objects within that scene which is our case is actually ok as we wont be using the same sequence of actions in the explorable or intro screen anyway as each of these scenes is unique.

This afternoon I have been playing about with the cutscenes and have done a few tests including not only closing the project which caused things to be dropped in the actionlists before to restarting the computer entirely. Upon opening Unity again it showed that fields of the cutscene had been remembered unlike the actionlist counterparts.

I have now transferred every single action from all of the actionlists into the cutscenes so that I don’t have a time consuming setup every time I open the project. This means that I can now focus more on timing the animations and the interview sequences and nailing them down.

This has led me to my next stage of experimentation which is seeing that now because I am using cutscenes will I still get the issues with the object: animate action forgetting the animator controller plugged into it.

However this could require a different resolution as the other fields were only being forgotten when the project or scene was closed. This error is happening when I press play in the Unity editor so this could be a more complex problem.

Timing The Interview – 

On the side I have been timing the animations and interview sequences trying to get them to look right and this will now be a faster process that we are now using cutscenes and I will not be constantly plugging fields back into the actions.

The interview will require us to go through it with a fine tooth comb in order to get correct timing and feel to it. There are so many other things to think about with this project and its literally about how the experience will feel to the user.

Scripts – 

Fiona had some scripts for me that we tried in Unity only to discover that the would not function which she discovered was a OSX – Windows issues and that the scripts could be saved out for windows so that they will hopefully now work in the master scene.

Feature image sourced from – (14/04/16)

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