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Week Ten – Seminars

For our week ten class we began the week with seminars myself and my team was placed in a group with conann where we got to hear from Cricky’s team and Scully about what they have been working on and the progress they have been making.

The great thing about this feedback session is that we had the Oculus available and ready and everyone in the seminar group was able to give it a try and let us know what they thought which is extremely useful. What we could establish from the feedback given and the behaviour of the people using the Oculus to view Portrait of an Artist is that people forget that they can turn all the way around. The paint strokes that we are going to include should be able to guide the participant as such towards where you want them to look or go to.

Everyone that tried it seemed to like it a lot and thought it was pretty cool which was nice to see as we know that we can improve it to impress people some more. It will be interesting to see what people think next week once we have a fully functional experience.

After the group seminar session Yuen came in to see the project and to catch up with how it was doing. She really liked what we have been doing and said that we should be really really proud of the project which was great to hear. The project has come along a long way and we have plenty more to keep ourselves busy so we are going to continue chipping away at the work and create a great virtual reality experience.

Also the entertainment value of watching another person use the Oculus is an experience in its own right. Talking about experience anyone that tried out the experience today did not get to go through it with sound so this will also make a massive impact on how people feel inside the experience.




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