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Week Nine – Production Plan

Doom List Planning – 

We got together for our Week Nine production plan meeting were our aim was to make a doom list of the tasks that we would like to achieve for next week. Over the duration of our project this process has been working well for us and we seem to be getting better at estimating complexity and time of tasks in order to achieve optimal outcome.

A few of the big tasks we had to address was the Gaze plugin not working with Adventure creator and how we might integrate the ability for one to interact with the other. Light design we know that we can animate lights to fade in/out as well as change colour so could this be experimented with, with the spotlights in the explorable scene.

The particles effects that I created need to be added to the previs and edited to the new scale to see how they will look and feel within this new environment. Various logic will need to be integrated making use of buttons and triggers to navigate to and from different areas (scenes) in the experience.

We noticed that within the interview sequence scene the actionlist that has been created to program the events of the interview playing in sequence with a fade in and out were dropping the game objects (Scene interview sequences) that has been pulling into the action custom: enable disable this is due to the lack of a constant ID component that matches the ID assigned to each of the custom enable/disable actions and was something I was playing about with trying to fix earlier as Mary had mentioned to me what was happening.

An issue I had seen before using this action during tasks working on the Mulbury project again I am happy to have had this problem before so it did not take days to fix just a short time to re jog my memory and remember what was done last time to fix this.

A major part of this is going to be setting up a master scene and merging everything, everyone has done into one scene and one project and getting the logic to work with this. A previs and test projects have been available but it would make much more sense if all of the assets could be found in one place.

We will do what we always do and continue to move forwards and work on the various tasks available on this board as well as the tasks we will discover along the way which always seems to be the case.


Editing Videos in terminal and Premiere – 

We had encoded all of the videos from the terminal and synced them with sound in Premiere however some of these were not 100% so we had to edit them due to the sound being out by a frame or two, one of the scenes had a tinniness sound to it.

Some of the videos needed a few extra frames added to them so we re encoded them in terminal and if we were not able to add the frames there then a re render from visualise was required but this is what we were required to do to get the interview sequences to ultimate perfection.

Reflection – 

I am glad that I was able to be here for the production plan and creation of the doom list I find this process to be very useful and helps with the way that I work. It also enables us to take what we need from the board and work on it independently but still be part of a group. We are all helping each other work through this project and will see the effects of a few more doom lists before this project is over. I am just really hoping that my health holds up during the course of the next few weeks as we begin to feel the extremely intense pressure of the last semester of final year.




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