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Week Nine – Update, Feedback

Class Content – 

Today was our first day back to class after the easter break. I was glad to be back even though I am not entirely feeling human again but Im itching to get back into things so I think it would be beneficial to see what the status is with the ladies and get a catch up organised. Our first class gave us a little down low on what to expect from the next four weeks as well as what is expected from us over the next four weeks.

As we are approaching the end of the degree we were instructed to resolve any team issues as soon as possible as well as to think more about the end of year show and to use our time wisely as the course is about to come more demanding than usual so expect your social life to take a bit of a hit.

In between classes I was able to get a bit of an update from the team as I haven’t been well and have only been able to work from home. We have been working on preparing a previs to demonstrate in the Oculus for feedback today. The previs contains the interview sequence and the explorable gallery section of the experience.

Lecturer Feedback – 

We were all split into groups and assigned a lecturer that we would present to and who would give us feedback. Myself, Fiona and Mary were with Alec who looked through out project and tried out the experience and we got the following feedback:

  • The particles look good and give a good feel to the atmosphere
  • The turning of the player could be looked at as you have to look in the direction you wish to move towards but still have to press forwards on the keyboard. This dual motion control could be made easier by using a controller.
  • The paint stroke effects were looking good and we should experiment more with this.
  • The experience overall was good and we needed to think more about how the participant will move through this.

Overall I am happy with what feedback we received from the group but as I have not had time to properly see the status of things and meet with my group I feel like I need to communicate and catch up to get my feet on the ground again as somethings I seen during the feedback presentation were new to me as well.

Catching Up & Plan – 

Due to classes we will not have a chance to meet for a proper catch up until tomorrow but I am being brought back up to speed here and there as best as we can. When we meet to work together we are going to plan another doom list and that way we can determine what we have addressed and what we still need to do. Not all of the work I have been doing while off has been integrated into the project yet so we will be able to check that status on that as well.

Estrella has been kind enough to help us with the Gaze and Adventure Creator integration problem we are having were the adventure creator action lists are not being recognised by the Gaze plugin as they are both third party plugins. We have arranged for this visit to take place on Wednesday and hopefully more will come to light then. When I meet with my team properly tomorrow I am hoping to be able to form a list of questions that I may ask Estrella when she comes in so that we get as much as we can from her time. Mary is going to look into when we can borrow the Oculus as we maybe obtain it if we request it in time.

Reflection – 

It feels good to be back in classes as it is nice to see everyone and where the projects are at on week nine. We are going to have a good few busy weeks ahead of us but this is the last legs of the project and we have a chance to make this really awesome. We will aim to progress towards improving our project based on the feedback we have been given and we have many more aspects of it that need to reach completion.

Hopefully along the way we will be able to come together as a team and get the work that needs to be done, done well and in an organised manner. I hope that anything I have to offer to the team is helpful and that we can collaborate to give it one last push.


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