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OVR Player Controller – Challenge

Challenge – 

We have encountered a challenge as we are using the OVR Player Controller to make the player able to move forwards within the explorable environment using the forwards button on the keyboard. Basically what is happening is when the experience is started the user appears to fall into the environment and moves very slowly so we have been experimenting with the following to see what we can come up with to better understand the settings of the OVR Player Controller.

What I can work out is that the Gravity, Acceleration and Dampening all come hand in hand and if the acceleration is increased but so is the dampening these two variables then counteract each other. The same applies to the gravity if I reduce the gravity to reduce the appearance of the player falling then the user cannot move forwards at all there always needs to be some form of gravity in place.

Solution – 

In order to get this right I had to play about with the settings increasing the gravity to 10 and having a dampening in place to ground the player to an extent we don’t want the participant to be falling or floating through the experience. As there is a dampening in place I need to increase the acceleration a lot more than usual to make the effect of the movement seem like it is having an effect.

Vomit Comet – 

Also while testing this experience we did notice that when the acceleration seems to be at a normal movement rate that is comfortable to the participant if they pass a shadow of for example colin’s depth kit footage it can very soon become the vomit comet we are trying to avoid so we must remember shadows and speed are not friends within virtual reality.

In the image below you can see the settings that we have in place for the OVRPlayer Controller and for the environment that we are testing in this seems to be appropriate but will need to be edited based on the environment that our experience is going to take place in.


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