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The Animatic 

Progression – 

During the course of a week we have been working towards creating an animatic that will be included in our presentation to show to the class an lecturers.

The purpose of creating this animatic is so that we can show the class how we want the interview to work within the space we are going to create and also for us to display what that space may look like and the tests we hope to work on to create these effects.

The animatic touches on some of the following experiments and points of interest –

  • The use of sound from the transcript we created
  • The use of particles as they may be used in unity
  • Paint stroke effects that may be created throughout the experiment we are currently thinking of using particle effects in unity to test this
  • How the environment may be built around the user
  • The journey the user will be taken on
  • How the interview will be used in context to the environment
  • How the work by Colin Davidson will be displayed to the viewer
  • How the player navigates through the environment.

Animatic – 


I felt like the animatic really helped the project to move forwards and whilst this was ongoing I was experimenting in unity try to get a sense and feel of these ideas within the oculus as well as figuring out various technical challenges.

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