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Week 7 – Presentation Feedback 


Today in class we finished of the presentations that began in Monday’s class and went through the rest of the projects so that we could give and receive feedback on each project.

Our presentation was today as we felt like we would have more to show today rather than on Monday as we haven’t been at full speed due to illness within the team

Feedback –

After out presentation we received some very good feedback that is as follows:

  • Greg O’Hallan
  • Email Paul and cc Conaan
  • Journey of an artist and time of work
  • Does the animatic need to be abstract the whole way
  • What are we trying to convey
  • Typography and information design would need to be explored and experimented with this is all new to VR so is worth looking at
  • Research and highlight discoveries well
  • We need more information about the paintings
  • Close up provides expression and it would be ideal to see a lot more of it
  • Play about with the depth of field in unity with the oculus
  • We need to show the connection between the author and the environment so more of Colin Davidsons work and themes in there and try to maintain his style instead of ribbon like paint strokes more thick and rugged like his
  • Timeline of life and years over paintings
  • During the interview change up visuals
  • Experiment with an alternate controller in unity such as an Xbox controller as this may feel more natural to people rather than using the keyboard
  • Experiment with how the user will be guided through the environment. Would triggers be used.
  • Ask about script from mulbury to get more than just the mesh into unity

Reflection – 

I feel that the presentation went well today and the project was even referred to as being superb. The project is however far from over and we still have a lot of work to do in order for it to be amazing but it is nice to see that we are on the right track and now we can use this feedback just in time of planning what we will do over Easter so that we can try and interpret as much of the feedback into the project as we can.

Today’s presentation followed a slightly different format today and I was operating the computer from the back of the room which makes the feeling of presenting go away complete until you suddenly forget how to navigate a Mac or find a video.

The purpose in this is because there were just far too many videos to show to get someone not on the project to navigate through so I did it.

It was recommended to us that in the week 11 presentation we show a demo on the oculus so that we can get more precise feedback I feel like this would be perfect as even though I am capturing videos of the experience I keep thinking that these videos are doing the oculus experience absolutely no justice and that it would be ideal for people to see it and experience the virtual reality experience we are creating for themselves so that will be something we will work towards demonstrating.


The presentation can be found at the following link 10/03/2016

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 14.00.41.png


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