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Presentation Preparation

Preparation – 

One of the tasks on our doom list was to plan, gather and refine for week 7 presentation which we did. We got together and made a rough presentation draft referencing out old presentation from the 15th February to check what people had last seen from us and to check that we were not assuming people knew what we have been up to. We did not want to miss any critical stages of our project as a lot has happened in the past month and we wanted our update to be pretty accurate at the same time as talking about some technical challenges we had encountered along the way.

Team Collaboration – 

As we have the google drive set up for our time this comes in handy when the likes of presentations need to be made as we often save our content on the drive therefore making it accessible to all team members from any location at any time.  Gathering for the presentation involved making a few things and loading images from the drive.

When we make a presentation we always get together again and go through it to make sure it is refined and that we are getting the message across in the best way possible. Often small changes are made here and there to improve the presentation.

Presentation Style – 

Normally we all present from the front but we have the feeling it may be more effective if one of us presents from the back of the room controlling the computer as we have so many videos to show. The majority of our project has been capturing in video as there are just so many tests that we have to complete as this is all very new to us.

Message – 

The main part of this presentation was to show of the animatic and the interview content as the last we had mentioned any of this to the class we had our interview date but were still waiting to carry it out and actually get the content for our environment a lot of the questions that we had unanswered at the end of the last presentation should be answered in this one. We are looking forward to getting some really useful feedback so that we can use it in order to push to project forwards.

Impact – 

The impact on presentations on a project is so crucial and I find that getting the opportunity to show our work and get feedback on it is so important. In the past we have missed these opportunities and the projects have not went as smoothly as they could have and we have struggled at different stages of the project but it is really refreshing to be getting a consistent amount of feedback from presentations to continue to push us.


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