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Explorable Previs – Camera As Player Fix

Technical Challenge – 

One of the technical challenges we encountered was creating an explorable previs that would allow the user to navigate through the environment by pushing forwards on the keyboard whilst using the oculus and whatever direction they are looking at they will then move forwards in that direction.

We had tried various tests on this using customs scripts downloaded of the internet that simply did not function as stated or playing about with the Oculus Utilities package for unity.

The oculus utilities package allowed us to use what is called an OVRPlayerController to control the main camera in the scene so that the user may move forwards however we could not get this to function and whenever we pressed forwards on the keyboard nothing seemed to happen.

Solution – 

Further experimentation led us to the believe that this was because there was acceleration being taken into account and this acceleration was set to 0.1 and upon turning it up to 1 you could then see the effect of the participant being able to move forwards.

This was a familiar issue to come across as the same thing had happened in our previous project fed up food and what happened was the player had dragable control of the truck and it was not appearing to move very far and whenever we turned up the acceleration we had movement we just happened to remember this when we were stuck here and it was the same fix which was quite relieving.

Another thing that we discovered when testing this in unity was whenever you pressed play on the editor to run this VR experience with the ovr player controller on the player seemed to fall until they hit the ground plane as there is a gravity factor being taken into account and if you tried to move forwards before the player had landed on the ground the forwards movement would not work.

  • Oculus Utilities
  • OVRPlayerController
  • Acceleration from 0.1 to 1 (Large scale)
  • Same issue with truck in Fed Up Food
  • Ground Plane
  • Gravity (Falling Camera)


Result – 

Reflection –

I am glad now to start to see errors I have been through in previous projects now coming through in this project and knowing how to fix them due to the experience of having done it before. This is a refreshing feeling and keeps me directed to learn a lot more as I can see the value of the painstaking troubleshooting of issues in the past becoming useful to me now.

It’s a relief for this technical challenge to be solved as it was something that needed to be addressed and helps the project move forwards in more ways than one.

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