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Week 7 – Plan

The Plan – 

Basically over the past few days we were able to create another doom list as we like to refer to them to in order to plan what we are going to do over the next few weeks. Unfortunately our team has been plagued with illness and a plan was made so we can chop away at things as and when we can during the course of the next few weeks even if we are not meeting up in person as a team we can still work as a unit apart.

The plan is to more or less organise and prepare all of the footage we obtained from the interview on Friday. The footage has already been reviewed and after a conversation with my team I will hopefully be able to work out a little more where we are at and what is priority to approach next. I believe we are still editing the footage that we have and will need to get that all into Unity at some point next week.


Reflection – 

I feel that plans like this are really helping me to progress through the project and that they are putting an amount of useful pressure on us to get things done and done well. We know from our previous project what we were able to achieve in a week under maximum stress and I don’t believe that we want that to happen again so we are working hard to always have a plan and keep the ball rolling so that we may keep progressing and also to ensure that we do not forget anything. Ironically though things are still being realised when we are working on these tasks and we forget about the previous 10 stages that need to be done before we can actually do that task although we are getting better at breaking down tasks and estimating time and difficulty it will still take a considerable amount of practice in order to get it right but even so it is a useful process to follow.


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