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The Interview Day – Colin Davidson

Preparation – 

On Friday we had the pleasure of Colin Davidson’s company in order to interview him recording on the Depth Kit to get the content we need for our virtual reality environment and experience. It was an amazing opportunity to meet Colin Davidson and he was so easy to interview as he knew exactly what he was doing.

The morning was spent preparing for Mr Davidson’s arrival which involved calibrating the depth kit at least three times to get the best readings we could get for light and depth. We done a series of rehearsals with Ronan (Fiona’s other half) accompanying us as we needed the help in order to make this happen. Much appreciated Ronan!  The rehearsals went well and we all had particular roles or areas we were in charge of to make sure everything was covered and the chances of anything being missed would be minimal.

Rehearsals – 

Below you can see some of the rehearsals taking place using different subjects and using different distances from the camera to test the quality of the recording and if the halo surrounding the subject would be choppy are unsuitable.

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Roles – 

Fiona was looking after the depth kit and calling out the checks as well as controlling the record and cut of each take and we all had to very carefully follow her lead to get the timings close together. Mary was in charge of conducting the interview and pressing record/monitoring one of the back up cameras whilst Ronan was over the other back up camera and sound recordings. I was controlling the capture app to toggle the recordings on queue with everyone else as well as taking notes on the take sheet as to duration, name of the recording and the general content we were getting from Colin.

Calibration – 

You can see in the calibration lenses that we were getting total error readings of less than 0.200 which is great! We found that this reading was massively impacted by the lighting in the room. Calibrate correspondence is where the camera is moved back in four stages and the lens of the Kinect covered in intervals to click and get a calibration. The coloured dots displayed over and behind the checkerboard illustrate depth and the more solid grids of dots for each colour we are getting the better the calibration. These readings were some of the best we had got yet and we were lucky to get them before the interview.

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With a combination of practice and luck we got the readings we needed and finally settled for lunch. Over lunch it was quite a nervous endeavour and we chatted about what we were going to do, suspecting what Colin Davidson would be like as well as guessing the colour of his Porsche. Yes he drove a Porsche enough said…

Colin was due to arrive at 2pm so it was great that we had the morning to go through all of our equipment and practice what we needed to do. The majority of our equipment for this interview and project in general has been borrowed and we cannot thank all of these people enough for making this possible we are some very fortunate ladies indeed.

The Interview – 

During the interview as we were asking questions we found Colin wanting to tell an share with us things he had done in his career and life so we were more than willing to let him take the floor and tell us about these things. It ended up the after asking a lot of the questions when Colin was telling us things he was answering things we wanted to know and much more. It was very helpful and I believe he worked hard with us in order to make this a seamless and stress free interview.

This is a screenshot of the take sheet that was filled out during the course of the interview. Obviously hand written during the interview to avoid my elephant like key taps but then copied into this document to make for easy reading for everyone in the team. Images are then able to added from the particular cameras that matched the content and take this allows for us to match up the takes from camera one, two and three as well as the sound recording name so that we can use them within the visualise app to synchronise each take.

Research & My Role – 

I found that when I was taking notes during the interview I was making connections between the research we had done and what he was saying it really was a joy to know what Colin was taking about or whenever he referred to an exhibition by name it was great to know exactly what he was talking about and the content of that exhibition.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 11.59.17.png

Recordings & Processing – 

Here is an image of the recordings we had got after the interview had taken place and you can see that they are processing at this stage. I remember noticing that by the time we were recording the end of the interview the second take was still processing which illustrates that these recordings took considerable time to process when the majority of the team left Mary’s home they were still working.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 16.16.03

Visualise App – 

In the slideshow below is a series of images taken from the visualise app after processing had been completed. The colour footage taken from the camera needs to be included from the camera SD card to the colour folder within the folder structure for that particular take. It is recommended that the videos be reduced in size before being opened in visualise. After the interview has been synchronised to the claps which we had to ask Colin to do at the beginning of each clip to make this synchronisation stage easier.

The surroundings are then clipped and the background removed you can see that we got a really good recording for the interview and one thing we were concerned about which is the halo shown around Colin’s silhouette that this would be too choppy are far from his body but it has come out really well and hugs around his body neatly. We were never fully sure what variables improved or worsened this halo effect as James referred to it as but we are happy with the result we got and we suspect that it may be something to do with the position of the camera.

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Reflection – 

I thought that Friday was a great day and it was amazing to meet such a successful person and find out so much about him I was truly thrilled to have had the opportunity and we got all that we needed and beyond. The interview was very relaxed and we asked him so many questions as well as capturing as much content as possible. It was an experience that I felt so glad to be part and and it was all possible thanks to the people I have the joy of working with.  We worked well together and we achieved great things on the interview day particularly I loved the experience and have been enjoying this project so much.

I had also mentioned earlier in this post the relevance of research prior to this interview in order to have a good understanding of what Colin was talking about it was nice to see the importance of this research being highlighted during process.

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