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Pre – Interview Day

Progress/Discovery – 

We are in Mary’s house today further testing the equipment in order to get the best calibrations so we are prepared for the interview even though we will have to do this on the day it would be rude not to try and break it today. After calibration of the camera we need to check the depth calibration to see.

  • Re Calibration of the depth kit in order to achieve a lower error recording. We are trying to discover which factors affect this reading light, position of camera, camera settings etc.
  • Equipment labelling in order for us to know what cameras contain which memory cards as we will require the recordings from the depth kit camera particularly for visualise but we also need to know which back up recordings match that take.
  • Take List (To fill out on the day during interview) this will record which question was being asked what the name and duration of the take is and also what was the content of that take in question.
  • Depth calibration tests to ensure that we can get the best depth readings and also trying to discover what makes this readings better.  We have so far discovered that when the camera position starts closer to the checkerboard and is moved away a small distance at a time away from the checkerboard then the depth reading seems to be higher.
  • Tests with hat Kinect seems to hate shiny long hair. We have discovered that the depth kit does not like shiny hair and the light is reflected too much we have orchestrated various different tests with the participant wearing a hat in order to diffuse this light. Sometimes it has improved and others there has been no chance but lucky for us Colin Davidson has short hair and lets pray his beard isn’t shiny.
  • Tests to reduce halo outline effect surrounding person. We think that this may be something to do with light being exposed to the subject at the time of the recording and that even though it is fine to move the camera we are finding that it makes this halo effect choppier.
  • Role discussion in order to see who will cover what and to ensure that nothing is missed during the process of the interview.

Take Sheet – 

Recorded Footage Take Sheet link – 25/02/16

Below is an image of the take sheet that I will be required to fill in during the course of the interview with Colin. The Take sheet is proving to be extremely useful and I think that is great that this was made as the content that will be recorded will be essential to the progress of the project and in order to making synchronisation of the recorded content easier.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 14.13.14.png

Reflection – 

I am finding all of these tests that we are doing at Mary’s home very useful and it seems more appropriate to do these tests where the interview will be carried out so it has been an absolute treat to be able to come here each day this week and work on the project and test everything again and again ensuring that little or hopefully nothing can go wrong. Our preparation and planning this week has been key and I think it is so useful and hopefully due to this our interview will go smoothly and we will get the content that we need from it.


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