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Interview Questions & Rehearsal

Progress – 

What we worked on today –

  • Going through what we researched the day before.
  • Colin Davidson and Documentary Storytelling.
  • Interview Questions – Re visit

The interview questions are as follows –


Growing up in Belfast – decision to do art at that time – why?

  • Tell us a little about your time at Art College? What did you study?
  • Being an artist at UU in Belfast in 1987 – 1991, what was the vibe in the art college?
  • Leaving art college, what were your hopes and expectations for your career? Were you driven? What sort of options did you have?


  • What inspired you to start painting?
  • Did you have a mentor or someone who supported you/inspired you through your life/career?
  • How did you transition from design firm to professional painting? How did that feel to make that transition? Fear of failure? Excitement? Did it feel right?
  • What keeps you motivated now – after many successful pieces and exhibitions? Is it a drive to do better? New? Curiosity to try something different? Or something simpler than that?


  • Were you ever in doubt about your career path as a painter?
  • What were the challenges you came across …? 


  • How do you move forward with a creative block? Or doubts? What keeps you going?
  • The themes in your work – what are they inspired by? What makes you transition from one thing to the next?


  • Throughout your life, has your measurement of success changed? From how you felt at art college to now?

Main Threads:  

Finding your purpose and passion/Path to purpose

Feature image sourced from – 24/02/16


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