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Documentary Storytelling

Research – 

  • Flashbacks, A documentary usually refers back to a past event for example how did you feel when this milestone occurred in your career.
  • Bernard.S (2007) Documentary Storytelling: The Drama of Real Life .Website

    Story helps define documentary and separate it from visual material that simply documents an actual person, place, or event

  • Perspective on entry, when do you enter the story and how does this effect the audience how you enter is important.
  • Introduction of the person being interviewed how do we bring them into the experience. Who is the interviewee and what do they do does it have to be my name is..

The Writer’s Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers –

  • Emotional connection with the audience
  • Questions to identify with the main character
  • Where did you motivations come from, Why do you do what you do
  • Obstacles along the way
  • Answering his calling
  • Resolution was there a turning point, growing and changing

Are we having audio of us asking the questions or are we getting him to repeat the question back to us.

Bernard, S. (2007). Documentary storytelling. Amsterdam: Focal Press.

“Documentaries bring viewers into new worlds and experiences through the presentation of factual information about real people, places. and events, generally but not always portrayed through the use of actual images and artifacts.”

Feature image sourced from – 24/02/16


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