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Colin Davidson – The Downlow

Purpose – 

As we are going to be interviewing one Mr Colin Davidson on Friday it would be rude not to do some more research about this fantastic and inspirational artist so that we have an idea of some of the responses we may get from the interview questions we have made up.

Tomorrow we will take a look at the interview questions after embarking on some research questions to figure out if they are still appropriate as we made them some time a go and we may not feel the same as we did then.

Research – 

Colin Davidson was a Ulster University graduate from the Art College in Belfast and studied there between 1987 – 1991 he graduated with a first class honours degree within the art and design faculty and this is the common ground that we have with Mr Davidson. During the experience of the interview within our virtual reality world we want the participant to be inspired by his work and hear him out about his journey and what he discovered along the way. A lot of the narrative of our project is going to be worked out from the content of this interview.

Colin Davidson is an internationally renown Artist working and living near Belfast that we have the joy of interviewing may I add. He has painted many portraits of famous people including Brad Pitt which is sensationally cool. Mr Davidson is an inspiration to many and a great source of people to interview I cannot wait to meet him roll on Friday.

Silent Testimony Exhibition – 

Silent Testimony which was an exhibition at the Ulster Museum documenting through Art how the Troubles affected some of the victims of the Troubles in Northern Ireland. The work demonstrates the loss and suffering that these individuals had to go through.

CultureNI (2015) – ”An exhibition of portrait paintings by Colin Davidson (born 1968), reveals the stories of eighteen people who are connected by their individual experiences of loss through the Troubles – a turbulent 30-year period in Northern Ireland from the late 1960s onwards.”

True Colours – 

True Colours was another exhibition run at the Ulster Museum which demonstrates a variety of Art being show cased by A level and GCSE level students in Northern Ireland. The great thing about Colin Davidson is that on this occasion he was there to inspire and encourage young people some of which featured in the video I know now and have made it to University and are doing well from themselves. We would like the same encouragement and drive demonstrated at the End Of Year show in our VR experience. I am now encouraged to ask the individual from the video what kind of impact having the joy to meet Colin Davidson had on them. 

Portraits – 

Colin Davidson is most commonly known for his portraits but he does a variety of other paintings of Belfast he has worked on Window paintings as they are referred to and he has created some pretty cool stuff doing this. In the slideshow below is some of my favourite work this Colin Davidson has created.

Further Information on Portraits – 23/02/16

Mirrors – 

Cathcart. J (2013) .Website – “In Windows, his series of fluid city street scenes reflected in glass, Davidson mastered the blending techniques and the subtle range of colours which he now employs in his oil paintings.”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Images sourced from – 23/02/16

Cathcart. J (2013) . Website – “Born in Belfast in 1968, and educated at Methodist College and the University of Ulster – where he gained a first class degree in fine art – Davidson established his reputation with an acclaimed series of Belfast cityscapes, a theme he then pursued in Dublin, London and Chicago.”

Feature images sourced from – 23/02/16

Social Media – 

Colin Davidson also has Facebook which he uses as his blog as such to show us what he’s up to at the moment and where his latest shows and exhibitions are being hosted its always nice to be able to follow an artist in this way and keep up to speed with their work. 23/02/16

Further Information 23/02/16



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