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Testing Testing… One, Two, Three

Plan –

Today we are going to work on creating a new plan and test list so that we know everything that we must figure out in time for Friday. We are beginning with using Trello for our plan that will show our production and test list. We have split each of the tasks that need done in the interview into roles and each person will take control over that specific role and do what needs to be done.

The Roles –

Mac Capture Person & List: Check everyones ready and lead the take and will also toggle the recordings on mac. Ask Mr Davidson to clap and make a general list of what is being said whilst monitoring the recording then stop recording and make sure everyone else stops.

Depth Kit Person: Start recording of that camera and monitor it then stop to the lead of the capture person.

Cam 2 Operator/Interviewer: Start recording of their camera and monitor it whilst asking the interview questions. Stop recording when asked.

Cam 3 Operator: Start recording of their camera and the audio equipment and monitor it. Then stop both recording devices when asked.

It became apparent that we will need to get a lend of more equipment such as grade 10 memory cards for the cameras and tripods will also be required. Tomorrow we shall call into the University and get another tripod and lift the other Kinect that will be used as a back up. On the day of the interview we may require a little assistance in the form of man power and have asked for some help to record on the day as we are going to struggle with just three of us.

Today we were working on creating new calibrations in order to get the best depth and this seemed to work better with a mixture of dark and light images of the check board which was unusual but we got out best depth reading yet.

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We then moved on to do some capture tests diffusing the light in the kitchen at Mary’s and trying to take more control of the light so that we may be in control of it to a degree on the interview day. Dark and light recordings were captured and recording and I will test some of these in Unity tomorrow.

Mary done some testing of her camera to see how long it can cope with recording for before it runs out of memory or battery or any other factors that may stop it from working all of this is being tested now so that we know what may go wrong. On the side note of needing memory cards for the cameras we tried one that I had from my car but it was only a grade 4 unfortunately and the rate it writes information to the card would not be fast enough to use for depth kit capture and recording.

The things covered today are as follows –

  • Production list
  • Roles and tasks for practice run and set up
  • What are we doing on the day
  • What we need to lend requirement
  • More man power
  • Light tests dark and light capture
  • Diffusing the light
  • Trello lists and tasks
  • Testing camera memory Mary’s cam
  • Dash cam type
  • Collect extra equipment from uni
  • Tripod Kinect and Fiona’s laptop



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