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Testing at Mary’s – Visualise/Capture


As our interview with Colin Davidson is drawing in this Friday the Depth kit was moved to Mary’s house last Friday and setup so that we could test it today in order to get some hopefully good readings. This morning as class was cancelled myself and Fiona travelled out there to do some testing Mary had already been experimenting with it over the weekend but there was more vigorous testing that we needed to do in order to prepare for the interview.

We calibrated the depth kit for the room and the light that it was currently exposed to and got one of the best readings we have had yet as Mary’s kitchen is an excellent source of natural light. We got a recording of Fiona in the depth kit and it turned out pretty good other than the fact that it was a little bright when it was within visualise.

Fiona had kindly bought some lapel microphones that clip to the user and a shotgun mic that would be able to record environment noise when attached to the camera. This audio equipment had been kindly lent to us for some experimentation and we just need to sort out some batteries for the recording device.

We moved on to record a practice interview of myself while Mary interviewed me and recorded me visually. With the mic attached Fiona was also able to record the audio of me. This capture of sound and visuals was a good way to test for a practice interview and we are yet to bring these tests into unity and try and match the sound with the visuals.

A final stress test was then recorded and we had lunch whilst leaving the camera and visualise app rolling to see if either of them would stop or if there was a length cap on the recordings. The camera stopped recording after 30 minutes so with a combination of more batteries and memory cards we can push it further if we need to.

By the time it came to getting a recording of me the weather had become a little more overcast than sunny and my recording turned out slightly better as it was not as bright. We now know that overcast is one of the best light settings we can get but if the weather does not work in our favour we have ways of diffusing the light in the kitchen to achieve this look.

The visualise app was played about with to get all different looks and feels from the recording so that we may clip out the background and change the appearance of the dots. The recording was edited to get this look and we are yet to experiment with the audio recording we got from the interview.



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