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RealSpace 3D Audio – Demo’s

The RealSpace 3D Audio demo’s are examples of how audio is used within the Virtual reality world and how the sound is so important in order to make the experience a good one. Fiona was able to come across this plugin for Unity which I then had to sign up for and download to test in Unity. I have not yet had a chance to experiment about with this plugin yet but it is my next port of call as well as trying to get a working explorable previs where the play can use the directional keys in order to move through the environment.

RealSpace 3D audio seems to be something pretty cool that we could make a lot of us from and it was mentioned that in virtual reality the user is able to sense exactly where the sound is coming from and that sometimes the sound appears to come from the centre of the scene which is not always the mouth of the character. The visuals need to match where the audio is coming from in order to give the user that realistic experience.

I have included the video demo’s from Realspaces’ website that show how the plugin can be used to enhance the experience and it is recommended that headphones are used for this. The demo scenes are downloadable and I want to be able to try one in combination with the Oculus so whenever I do this I will post videos of this test.


More information on RealSpace 3D audio can be found at the following website – 19/02/16


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