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Explorable Previs – Keyboard Control Inside Oculus

The explorable previs is a task that I am currently trying to work out. We want the user of the Oculus to be able to use the keyboard to push forward on the keyboard and for them to move through the world inside the virtual reality experience. The way this works is the camera the user is viewing becomes a player/character and in turn becomes controllable.

I have been looking into various ways of doing this and so far I have only been successful in integrating strafing so that the user can turn around using the keys but this is already possible if the user wearing the Oculus just turns their head so a good start but not quite what we are looking for.

This is possible using Adventure Creator so I tried to make the main camera a player and integrate key command controls but I was unsuccessful this time. I have been experimenting and trying out various other scripts to try and make this possible but I keep getting compiling errors with these so I am still being challenged on this front of things.

Further experimenting with this Mary had found out about Oculus Utilities for Unity 5 that may have been of use to us so I proceeded in downloading this plugin and installing it for Unity. This plugin included a camera rig which is already replicating the behaviour of the main camera when I have virtual reality supported checked in the player settings.  There is also a player controller which is supposed to make this forward directional movement possible but I am still fighting with it to get it working at the moment.

  • Making the character/camera move forward
  • Only successful left or right
  • Tried AC didn’t work
  • Various Scripts
  • Oculus Utilities for Unity 5


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