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Team Contract

Together as a team we decided to make a team contract that we would all abide by as in order to not only keep as sane but so that we work better and to the best of our capabilities. We have all worked together long enough to know the good and bad points about each other and the contract contains some things that we are all working on.

We find that a team contract stops us from going astray and also increases team moral to sit together and acknowledge are flaws and things that we need to change in order to thrive. I am glad that we got together to do this and one of the most important things for me is communicate with my face as entertaining as this notion may be its something I need to do so that my team don’t feel on alert every time I am expressionless.

Digi-Davi (temporary title) – Team Contract

  • I do solemnly declare that I will…
  • Smile most times
  • Do things that challenge me…
  • Not fall into the technical/creative trap
  • Talk to teammates when something is not quite right
  • Communicate with my face
  • Give time when someone needs it
  • Always give it a go
  • Allow mistakes to be ok
  • Be open to critique
  • Share when we can if we have found something interesting
  • Always ask what is the best decision for the project
  • Never be afraid to ask “what do you mean?”
  • Put yourself in the other person’s shoes
  • As part of the team, we all get time to do things individually – blogs, downtime, thinking space, and switch off. But be flexible 🙂

As part of the team, get a chance to chill without the project i.e. PINTS/food

Flexi-lunches = do what you need, blogs, walk, chill, or hangout 🙂

Congratulations, you’re an awesome teammate! 😉


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