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Ryan – Documentary, Short Film

As Ryan has been mentioned to us so many times I decided to look into this for research on animated documentaries and I can now see why it has been suggested to us. This short film is approximately 12-13 minutes long and is absolutely beautiful. The visuals really extend the narrative of what is going on and provoke feelings in the audience.

Our experience is going to be in a surreal and fragmented world. Within Ryan most of the set is in a reality style world and the characters are fragmented to show the toll that life has taken on these people based on their negative life experiences. The less of a person left shows how hard their life has been and the more complete a person is the more of themselves that remains.

The way that the story of Ryan is documented is practiced in a way that the interviewee Ryan and the interviewer are both included visually and through audio. In our experience there will be no inclusion of the interviewer visually or in audio ours will solely focus on the interviewee Colin Davidson both in sound and visuals from the depth kit.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 14.54.31.png

The short film can be found at  – or at the following youtube link. 16/02/16


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