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Adjustments – The Plan

Today we got together and sorted out our plan for the next two weeks up to the Interview with Colin Davidson to ensure that we are prepared for everything. We have ensured there will be various tests and that the set up and equipment is in working order in Mary’s home before we interview Colin as we are only going to have one shot at this.

There are various people we will need to get in contact with this week in order to get help/information and equipment secured so that this interview and the end of year show will be able to happen.

A lot of things need to be happening in Unity as well. Including setting up Cinema Director as this may be used to sync audio and also Adventure Creator as this may be used to experiment with creating reactive audio within the experience possibly using triggers to detect with the animated camera (User in the Oculus) crosses a certain point in space to trigger a new audio file.

Particle tests for brush strokes and different experimentation have been put on the back burner for now until we get the depth kit in working order both here and in Mary’s house as this is priority for us. I am working on securing an Oculus with a contact that was suggested to us as we may be able to get one for use all of the time.

Getting the OBJ sequences from the visualise app to maya and then unity has become a bit of an issue right now and we have started looking into why this is and I am enquiring how to bring OBJ sequences into Unity successful but I am thinking that perhaps a plugin with a script might be required for this.

Optimisation for these sequences will then be something that will need to be researched in order to make sure the Oculus can run this content sufficiently.

We have all agreed to do research either on downtime or on Friday mornings either together or alone in order to know this project and all the surrounding aspects better. I am also going to be working on my blog whenever I can as the amount of posts I need to update is slowly growing to a larger number and I don’t want things to get out of control. I am finding that as we go along we are so busy I don’t always have time to blog along the way and I am often having to create drafts and go back to them whenever I have free time.

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