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Presentations – Week Four Update

Today is our week four presentation and the presentations are required to have a bit more of a structure than usual.

  • Storyboards/Animatic/Previs
  • Concept Art
  • Research
  • Actionplan/Timeline
  • Designs/Character/Colour
  • Tests
  • Process
  • Road Block Reductions

We have done an extensive amount of research on technical and animated documentary styles. Tests have been a massive part of work last week involving virtual reality tests in the Oculus and Depth Kit experimentation to get it working. As well as particles within unity to view inside the Oculus. 15/02/16

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 10.36.37

Feedback –

  • Particles in close range, what happens inside the Oculus (Do the particles split)
  • Could the particles emit a sound all on the same key.
  • Speak to contact at Oculus.
  • Look into narrative, Documentary
  • Speak to Estrella about OBJ sequences within Unity.
  • Look into Ryan documentary

Overall the presentation went well and we got some pretty good feedback. Our project seems to be a lot stronger now than our last one was this time last semester. We are making progress and the project really started to gel. I was really happy that the presentation went well and we got a really good set of feedback and we now have a good direction for our project. At the moment we have a few issues with the depth kit obj sequences being bought into unity but I will speak to Estrella and see if we can get some help with this issue.



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