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Particle Experimentation – Oculus

I have been working on some creative experimentation using the shuriken particle system in Unity. The original idea was to create an environment in unity as I had no concepts at this stage so I made a black skybox and made a few planes that would act as placeholders for some images of Colin Davidson’s work within the environment.  I added some dust into the scene and created an orb of light that radiates from the centre of the environment.

The first test shows the environment with the images in a circle around the user and the orb of light with no floor in the scene with dust particles floating around the scene. This gave a very abstract and surreal feeling to this environment. Also having no floor within the scene made me feel as if I was falling through space when viewing this in the Oculus.

The next test involved changing the shape and colour of one of the particle simulations. The colour of the particles are set in relation to the colours used in Colin’s paintings. I also added a floor into this simulation to see how this would change the feel of the experience for the user.

Snow particles in Mulbury Scene –





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