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Testing The Oculus – Scale

Here are some videos and pictures of us testing out the Oculus once I had finally got it set up in University replicating the instalment that I had done at home last night. Now that we have a working and powered Oculus we are able to play about with it some more and have fun with it.

We began by testing with the Oculus configuration demo scene and then one I had downloaded from the internet which was a virtual reality experience of an apartment.

Scale was a massive thing that I wanted to get right and after speaking to Greg I realised that this was something I needed to pay a lot of attention to. I needed to get scale from Maya to Unity correct so that it would look realistic within the virtual world of an Oculus in order for me to test this I made a cube in maya at 10x10x10 and exported this as an fbx for Unity. In Unity I imported this cube into a Unity scene keeping it to a scale factor of 1 and ground plane. I changed the player settings in Unity so that it would be supported by virtual reality.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 10.00.07

Testing the scale can be previewed in this video but we found that the 10x10x10 viewed through the Oculus was like an m&m sweet it was that small and as the user I felt like I was a giant within this virtual world and small movements towards the tracker were massive jumps in the virtual world. In order to correct this I wen’t back to Maya and created a cube at 100x100x100 and exported this as an fbx and bought it into Unity as before maintaining the scale factor at 1.

Through the Oculus this felt more realistic and small movements did not have a massive effect. I know longer felt like a giant and I discovered how important the position and height of the camera was in order for the player to feel like this was a real world.

The scale makes sense to me as Maya works in cm and 100 cm makes a metre and this is being maintained as a scale factor of 1 in unity.

The next phase of tests that I tried was creating an example scene of a living room with assests I already had but edited to the 100x100x100 scale. This enabled me to view more than a cube in a room and see how this felt to me in the virtual world. I was able to get the girls to try out the test scenes as well to determine that the feeling was right.

Further Testing the Oculus I was starting to get more confident with the scale of things so I decided to scale a scene I had modelled in Inlifesize for “The Mulbury Project” at the very early stages and scale this by 100x100x100.

I exported this scene at the correct scale and brought this into unity and tested it in the Oculus it looked pretty cool and it was nice to see an environment I was had made and was familiar with in the virtual world. Going one step further I decided to add the textures for this scene to give it more of a realistic feel which enabled me to see the scene in a new light with a sense of realism.

Here are some images of me testing this scene which is purely for testing purposes and will not be used for anything else.

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