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Experimentation – Oculus

After various attempts to set up the Oculus we have finally got it up and running after some more tests at home last night I finally got it working without the tracker sync cable error and by calling into Inlifesize to get the optional power cable as my computer at home is not powerful enough to power the Oculus independently editing making a few changes within the configuration Utility service settings.

I left the server logging level to errors only and left the Debug HMD type as Debug disabled instead of changing it to DK2 as this caused the tracker sync cable disconnected error to appear. I also turned off the rift saver and tested the demo scene that comes with the Oculus configuration Utility.

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In order to see more of what the Oculus could do I downloaded a separate demo called Australia which is a virtual reality experience of an apartment on the coast of Australia. This demo shows the real depth of the Oculus and how a simple set can look awesome within Virtual Reality.

For the Oculus to work as it would not function on the machines in Uni I had to bring in my desktop machine from home and use this for testing purposes. I am going to do some scale tests within Maya and Unity to test on the Oculus so that I may see how scale appears within virtual reality.

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This entry was posted on February 10, 2016 by in Final Year - Major Project.
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