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Experimentation – Google Card

All this virtual reality has started to go to my head and while we are still trying to get the Oculus setup I wen’t and purchased a Googlecard to experiment about with. I was able to download some Apps for my phone and then test out the virtual reality games on my phone and view them in virtual reality through the use of the Google card. Here are some pictures of Mary trying it out.

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I had never really understood the differences between the Oculus Rift and the Googlecard but Greg was able to explain this to me and basically. The Oculus comes with a tracker cam which tracks the Oculus so that the user wearing it may about move around in 360 without be locked to a position. The Googlecard means the user is static and cannot navigate around as freely.

I am having fun experimenting with these virtual reality mediums as even my family are taking an interest. I am finding that lately I have been witnessing a whole lot of funny reactions to virtual reality particularly when my mum was using the Google card and a Gorilla appeared in her face quite the classic moment.


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