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Hong Kong – Unrest (Virtual Reality Documentary)

A new era in immersive journalism (2015) .Website –

“Hong Kong Unrest is a news documentary filmed in 360-degree video that tells the story of the 2014 pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. The film breaks fresh journalistic ground by providing a news narrative, on a topic of world importance, using live-motion 360-degree video. It is a format that puts the user at the heart of the action, and enables them to view the footage from any angle.”

“Hong Kong Unrest was created by Immersivly Ltd, creators of, an app in development for the presentation of news in virtual reality.”


The 360 degree video is beginning to take off on Youtube and this is one of the early experiences that was captured in this medium. The video is particularly interesting because it is a documentary captured in 360 and viewable on Oculus. The user is captivated in this experience and I wanted to see for the purposes of our project the best way of creating an animated documentary style film for use in our virtual reality experience.

This video uses a combination of the visuals and sound has a massive impact in order to make the user feel like they are actually present at the event. This video experience is easier to relate to as it is actually footage of the real world. For our project we are intended on creating a surreal environment which we sense has more of an impact on the user in the experience as they cannot relate to the reality they are now in.

Information and images sourced from – 09/02/16

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