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Clouds Documentary

Clouds –

Earlier Fiona showed me this video called Clouds which is an animated style documentary making use of point cloud animations and depth kit. This video is a perfect inspiration for what we are trying to achieve and is amazing to watch.

I thought that it was interesting to explore what other people have done within documentary film making especially when it comes to something that is interactive just like Clouds. This is something we are wanting to pursue for our project and now that we know this is all possible we want to push through and see how we might be able to achieve this.

Deepspeed Media (2014) . Website

“Clouds is a computational documentary featuring hackers and media artists in dialogue about code, culture and the future of visualization.”

“CLOUDS is an interactive documentary (co-directed with James George) that presents a conversation among fifty artists, designers, and hackers who use code, and collaborate on open source tool kits. It explores themes of creativity and invention, interactive art, simulation, computational design, data visualization, and the future of storytelling. “

“Filmed using a new 3D cinema format called RGBD and created entirely with open-source software, CLOUDS uses a data-driven Story Engine to present an endless, ever-changing conversation. The system allows viewers to navigate a web of ideas and engage with immersive visualizations.”

By Jonathan Minard ( and James George (

More information on clouds can be found at – 09/02/16


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