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Board of Doom & Setting Up The Oculus – Take III

Today we got together as a team and worked on creating a plan and agile sprint in order to begin planning what we needed to do and the best way to approach this. We found towards the end of our last project that this worked so well for us we were going to do it again so we created the board of doom.

Although at first glance this seems a little over whelming we needed to get this out of our minds and onto the whiteboard. Here you can see some of the examples of the tasks that need to be carried out we meet for dailies anyway but we have also scheduled who is doing what and on what days.

I am going to be working on most of the Oculus setup and testing for experimentation. I have been having some hardware issues with this and the Oculus not getting power or the computers in uni not being powerful enough to run the equipment so I have been resorting to some home experimentation on my own desktop.

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I have been working on setting up the Oculus Rift in University with the machines that we have available but so far this has not been working out for me. No matter what I try I keeping the error of Tracker Sync cable disconnected when it is and after all of the drivers and runtime software have been installed correctly and numerous times.

Today I ventured to Inlifesize in order to obtain the power cable for the Oculus to see if that would make a difference to the situation either at home or in University. Unfortunately it did not make a difference in University but the power cable worked for the Oculus at home so after playing about with it I bought in my desktop to solve the un working hardware issue.

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