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Setting up the Oculus

On Friday Greg kindly lent us as A DK2 (Development Kit) 2 Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. We tried to set it up on one of the desktop machines in the University which involved installing the SDK and runtime on to the machine as well as updating the graphics driver to the latest version. However we were running into issues with getting the tracker to work as we were getting the error track sync cable disconnected when all the wires were plugged in. 

We done some troubleshooting to figure out why this was and people were basically saying it could be a USB 2.0 / 3.0 issue and to reinstall everything and try unplugging and plugging all the cables in again so we tried this still to no avail.

Due to it being open day on Saturday we did not want to leave in the Oculus in the university so I did some Oculus sitting over the weekend and took it home. I tried testing the Oculus at home following the same steps and did not get the tracker sync cable disconnected error as I did in the uni.

The problem this time was getting the Oculus headset itself to stay powered on the light would flicker orange when plugged in and would then go out about 10 seconds later, A possible solution would have been to try the power cable that comes with the Oculus as I believe my USB ports were maybe not powerful enough to power the Oculus so an external power supply would be required but this was not in the box.

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