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Class – Final Year Show Expectations & Group Feedback

Today in class we did not have to present as we originally thought and instead we were inflicted with a little fear which involved Alec showing us some videos of what previous final year animation students had created for their final year show.

Some of the examples were absolutely sensational and raised the bar for us others gave us a bit of an inner giggle as we know we are capable of achieving that standard. The results varied between all different Universities. It was nice to see whats going on in other parts of the UK and the kind of standard that is expected of us for our final year show.

The next part of our class was to get into groups between Conann, Alec and Yuen and tell the smaller groups plus the lecturers what we have been up to as part of our groups. We did this and got some feedback and as we thought we were doing presentations we already had a presentation prepared which we showed to the group and Yuen in order to get this feedback.

Our feedback was as follows –

  • Animation can be a documentary so is that what we are going for?
  • Think about the emotional process of the audience.
  • Sound and how this aids the narrative.
  • Challenging to the audience. How does the audience get involved?
  • Reflection of the graduate mirrored on the environment.
  • Is it interactive or not?
  • Gaze interactions were mentioned
  • Documentary style and research this. (Traditional elements of documentary)
  • How to represent visuals of this surreal. abstract and fragmented world.
  • The audience want to be challenged
  • Look into Ryan interview
  • Documentary and the build of an environment followed by an explorable.
  • What is the objective?
  • Emphasise VR as a medium
  • How to make the most of VR.
  • Think about how each decision we make impacts the audience.

Here is the link to the slideshow that we presented to the group ––BACOI1nfE/edit?usp=sharing 08/02/16

Feature image sourced from – 08/02/16


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