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Brainstorming – Narrowing things down

We have been having various discussions to further breakdown the ideas we are having within the brainstorms. In order for us to progress we have been told to get a more solid idea of what we are doing. In order for us to do this we need to begin to narrow the scope of things to establish exactly where we want to go and how we are going to do this.

While brainstorming we were going in circles so I suggested to the group that we each select one post it with an idea and then place these together and talk about why we have chosen these particular ideas. This helped to narrow the scope and refine our idea a little more.

A few of our questions were answered as to how the user would move around the world and what they may expect to see along the way. We want to base our idea around graduates past experiences and how they have achieved greatness today. This is very fitting for the end of year show as it will be graduates coming to see this experience and the experience is showing how the people before us have done and what they have achieved.

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