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Cathy Dalton – Marie Curie (ASSISTD)

Today I attended a talk by Cathy Dalton, Marie Curie (ASSISTD) Postdoctoral Fellow on AMbi-Art: Ambient Media for Attentional Restoration.

During the talk a lot of points of interest came up that I noted down, These are things that I would like to investigate further –

  • Calm technology – quiet architecture
  • Affective computing – Characteristics of responses causing an affect.
  • Management system. User & environment
  • Sensed affect can be interpreted as a gauge of usability.
  • Responsive architecture
  • Instalments – Pourquoi pas toi, Jason Bruges studio: Shortcut Interspace.
  • Interaction Design – Functional fit + psychological fit = personal environment fit congruence.
  • User experience emotional design
  • Restorative experience

Overall the talk was very interesting it was good to hear about how these interactions and how they caused an effect on the user as one of the mistakes we had made in the previous project was not thinking about the user enough and how the users experience and behaviour changed through interaction and vice versa.

Feature image sourced from – 05/02/16

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