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The Idea

In short I want to try and summarise exactly what our idea is so it is easier to explain to people when asked what are we doing.  We are going to setup and social experiment type interactive instalment. The intentions are to have a VR (Virtual Reality) experience set up in an area with some sort of interactive experience possibly using Kinects’ or Leapmotion setup in an instalment area.

The goal is to establish and make people think about What is you happy? Or What is Happiness? We want people to come away from this experience reflecting on their happiness and what they have just seen in the virtual reality experience.

The idea is to have this VR experiment set up in this sort of fractured world or incomplete area. The user will then navigate through this area exploring memories or other peoples ideas of happiness along their journey.

We want the experience to contain points of interest that the user may or may not interact with we have not locked down the exact game mechanics. These points of interests, hotspots, sprites whatever they may be will contain some form of interview that will be based on someone else’s idea of happiness or a memory where they were happy.

The interviews would have a twist and be like a point cloud experience if we are able to do this. The interviews could be kept Anonymous or expose the person talking we have not decided on this yet.

The point cloud idea is a nice way of doing this but it also locks down a style and restricts what the world around these interviews can then look like so it is something we need to discuss further.

Having an interactive instalment separately would enable other people to take part in the experience but not within the virtual reality headset but what if perhaps the people outside could control what the people inside the virtual world can see we need to talk about this more.

Feature image sourced from – 04/02/16

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